Fish 4 – I’m having issues!!!

Gah, I always have such GOOD advice to give other people when I’m teaching painting, and yet, I don’t abide by it myself.  My intent for the fourth fish was to continue with the Pink/Orange palette, but have an orange’ish background this time.  Since the whole fish will be outlined in black, the colors must, overall, but fairly light and bright, otherwise the black outline isn’t really going to show up.  Also, I know, from experience, that I’d better get the background EXACTLY the way I want it, because mucking about with it later does not work.


I did this great background, however there were a couple of teeny little marks where I’d splattered some dark color on the canvas BEFORE I’d laid down the orange:  I could see them, but I thought they’d be easy to cover up with a bit of white later.  Yep, that’s right – later.  What the heck???  Didn’t I just say get the background EXACTLY right first?


So, I painted in the fish, which were going to be LIGHT, BRIGHT blues and pink.  Do these look like light, bright blues and pinks???  Gaaah, what the ?????  How did they get so dark?  Did I lose consciousness and my evil twin painted in all those dark blues and muddy purples???

These colors actually contrast really well with the background, but the black outlining won’t show up

Well, that is just YUCKY!


I tried covering up the little dark marks on the orange part of the canvas with white paint.  Many many careful little dibs and dabs and washes of white paint.  Not covering the mark.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

If only I’d listened to my own advice!  So, I got out the Gesso, and orange, and orange-red, and yellow and re-painted the whole darn canvas.  Really made sure I covered up the little dark marks.  As I was sitting there, literally watching paint dry, I decided to wipe the excess paint off the fish.  It looked kind of cool, slightly ghostly.

FishDe FishDf FishDg

Finally, the orange had dried, and I’ve gone back in with lighter colors, and here’s where I’m at so far.  Not loving it; not hating it.  It might still look good once I add the black outlines.

FishDh FishDi FishDj

Some days your paintings fight back, and sometimes they win…..

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6 Responses to Fish 4 – I’m having issues!!!

  1. Susanne Bourgh says:

    Hey … I hear you girl ,.. my dear husband always tells me to stop and step away when i am not having my way with the paints .. and he is usually always right … I am trying to learn from his wise suggestions … Ciao Suz

  2. The Favorite One says:

    RE: Your paintings fighting back!!!!
    Thats way you love what you do

    • mckitt123 says:

      Yep, but now I’ve got that song “I fought the law and the law won” going over and over in my head with the lyrics “I fought the fish and the fish won”……………

  3. Jen says:

    You have to love the do-overs you get with acrylics.

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