Turtle 2 – Done

Yowza, another one done.  I am learning so much as I’m doing an image more than once.  On this piece, I had painted the entire turtle “shape”, as opposed to painting within a platelet.  Turns out that this is NOT a good idea.  Maybe the first layer of colors could be done that way, but the next layer should define the platelets somewhat.  I ended up having to add a neutral color in between the platelets, AFTER I had added the black lines – gah!  Difficult and time consuming……  Anyway, in spite of that, I love this piece.  I didn’t add as much detail to the fins, which I think looks better, and I like the colors in this piece even more than Turtle 1.

Turtle2E Turtle2F

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4 Responses to Turtle 2 – Done

  1. Adams says:

    Yes, nice colours. And I love the background blue. It looks like light shining through the water.

  2. The Favorite One says:

    I realy like it and I agree with Jen, the background makes the turtle standout.

  3. Andrea Young says:

    really love this style for you – so works with your colour palette and subject matters!

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