Turtle 1

OK, so the next painting in this series will be a turtle.  I’m doing a practice turtle first, so I took an old canvas that had a lot of texture on it, from a multi-media piece I’d been working on.  Right away I learned that a smooooooooooooth surface is much better for this outline/scribble style.  I want to be able to control my outline, and hitting bumps will make that tricky.

I’m OK with the background.  Don’t love it, don’t hate it.  I drew out the turtle, then really roughly went over the drawing with white paint, so that I didn’t lose all the detail.  I actually remembered to put the eye in right away, ha.  My color palette will concentrate on the complementary colors of orange and blue.

Here it is with all the color laid down.  Not totally digging it yet, but I’ll let it completely dry, then add the outline.

Turtle1A Turtlle1B

I’ll keep ya posted………….

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9 Responses to Turtle 1

  1. The Favorite One says:

    I like it already

      • mykahsmom13 says:

        You’re welcome. I’ve always adored turtles (my daughter is half Native Canadian/aboriginal so turtles also have an important link to the earth….like Turtle Island). Sea turtles are my favourite! And pink/green are my fsvourot colours. Do you sell your work? I’m up in Ontario Canada.

      • mckitt123 says:

        Pink and Green, and Pink and ORANGE!! best color combo’s, eh? Ontario? Too wild, we’re from there originally and my brother still lives there. I am sooooo fortunate to live on Vancouver Island, quite honestly the most gorgeous area in all of Canada. I was reading your blog, and holy cow, Mykah is just about the cutest thing on the planet! Yes, I sell my stuff. I’m in the process of getting ready for an out-door Art Show in July, so am madly creating new pieces. I haven’t nailed down my price structure just yet, but keep watching the site, and I will have that figured out within the month. A piece this size (16″ x 20″) will PROBABLY be around $240. Pricing is an interesting subject in the Art World; believe it or not, it’s generally determined by $-per-sq-foot! Then, if it’s also got “fancy” framing, that cost is added as well. The nice thing about acrylics is that you simply paint the edges, and it’s ready to hang up, no other framing required.

      • mykahsmom13 says:

        One of my best friends lives on Vancouver Island. And my brother is doing his neurology residency in B.C. sadly I’ve never been….but hope to go one day soon.

        Ok so how so I go about contacting you to order one in the near future? I’m on maternity leave until September so I’m only receiving EI. I’d rather wait until I’m back at work and making good money again before buying a piece. But I definitely will want to. I’m in love with this piece! 🙂

      • mckitt123 says:

        Oh My Gosh! That is SO awesome, thank you for your very kind words! Email me at CherMcKittrick@shaw.ca, and we’ll stay in touch, OK? Even if you don’t get THIS turtle, I’ll be doing a bunch of ’em, ’cause I’m loving that image. I’ll be doing some bigger ones, with a more close-up focus as well. Also, thanks MUCH for re-blogging – that is SO cool of you!

      • mykahsmom13 says:


        Ok thanks for your email.

        Also, as a kindergarten teacher I’m often crazy busy. So once I return to work I might need a friendly reminder email/blog message about the painting.

  2. mykahsmom13 says:

    Reblogged this on Whispers & Dandelions and commented:
    I am in LOVE with this painting!!! I’ve loved turtles for as long as I can remember……AND my favourite colours are pink and green (especially when they’re combined). I’m going to look into buying it for mine & Mykah’s new apartment as soob as I’m able to afford it 🙂

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