Fish Number Two

Here’s the second in this series.  I like this one even better than the previous one.  Again, Acrylics on 300 lb watercolor paper, 12″ x 15″.





I’m really having second thoughts about painting on watercolor paper and then mounting it on cradle board.  Cradle board is simply a very smooth piece of wood with wood edges, like a box without a lid.  The “open” part is against the wall and the picture is mounted on the smooth flat front.   I’m doing it this way because one of my art crushes, Robert Burridge, does it.  It LOOKS great, but I’m not so sure I’ll do a good job of mounting/sealing.  We’ll see………

The next one I’m in the middle of completing will simply be on a standard stretched-canvas frame.


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1 Response to Fish Number Two

  1. Susanne Bourgh says:

    Getting better every time!!! Suz

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