Skulls, Clay, and Color

A while back, I traded Clay Time in the Studio for 300 small plastic colored skulls  Why?  Just look – how cool is this??  A whole entire drawer of gorgeous colored skulls!!!!

Skulls_Colored1 Skulls_Colored2


I have no idea what I’ll do with ’em, but they might have potential as embellishments on a voodoo doll, eh?

So, Graeme, the fellow I’m doing the swap with, came up and built a clay House / Ashtray combo.  He was SO meticulous, and his piece turned out beautifully.

Graham1 Graham2 Graham3

He used a wild assortment of stamps to add some fabulous detail on the piece, and then once it was fired, he added color:

Graham4 Graham5 Graham7 Graham6 Graham8

This was all brand new to him, and he did an absolutely stellar job.  He likes his piece so much, he’s keeping it in a cabinet and only bringing it out when he uses it.  He left feeling very pleased with his work, as he very much ought to!

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4 Responses to Skulls, Clay, and Color

  1. Moe says:

    I think you both made a super trade. His project turned out beautifully. My advise…for what it’s worth…let it glow in the sun and use it as a bird feeder…and give up smoking.

  2. Dave and Debbie Brodie says:

    Hey cher

    I think your skulls need some teeth!

    I so Enjoy your posts!

    You weren’t in the studio on such a gorgeous day were you? Pool?

    Deb Bxo

    • mckitt123 says:

      Bwaaahaaahaaa!!! I STILL shudder in horror when I think of those teeth that you gave me – gahhhh, they were just SO creepy!!!!! I did manage to get in a hour of tanning time – our backyard went up to 32 – isn’t that crazy?

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