Doll Moulds cont’d and Talking Sticks

Still playing around with the doll moulds.  What would you use this for?  A creepy egg cup?  Shooter glass?  Herb pot?

Doll Moulds7a Doll Moulds7

Another head that will probably become a Talking Stick – the face is still too clean looking; I need to do some scarification on it.

 Doll Moulds8

A finished Talking Stick using one of my own home-made Skull Moulds.

Skull2 Skull1

It says SPeaK TrUTh in the handle.

I managed to sort all the Doll Mould Heads yesterday – 56 of them!!!!  I think I’ll keep 10 or 12 of the heads, and some other assorted things, and see if a local Auction House could sell the rest for me.  The “other assorted things” include moulds for arms, legs, bodies, shoulder plates, eyeballs!  I haven’t tried the eyeballs yet – they might present some strange and wonderful possiblities………….


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3 Responses to Doll Moulds cont’d and Talking Sticks

  1. Gwen says:

    Love your creativity!

  2. Moe says:

    Good on you.

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