A big Committment

Yikes – I’ve applied to be an Artist at a one-day Rotary Event  – Colwood Rotary Art & Wine Festival.  It’s on Sunday, July 27th, and it’s an outdoor event.  Artists are given a 10 ft x 10 ft space, and can sell their work.  My artist friend, Andrea Young, has also applied.

This means I need to create a large number of paintings and clay pieces by then, in case I’m selected.  I have no idea how long before I hear.

I’m hoping planning to have 15 Clay pieces and 10 paintings – pretty ambitious, but I think that is the minimum that I could legitimately show up with.  I currently have 6 absolutely complete paintings, and two that just need to be mounted, and 2 that are In Progress, phew…. 

I’m also going to use the event to advertise that I give Clay Classes, so a lot of work will be needed on this web page, to make it look more professional.

On another note – I had an idea in my head for a clay wall hanging.  It was to be a face, fairly plain, but with “windows” in the forhead.  Little people or creatures will be hanging out these windows.  Here’s what transpired – yet another piece that doesn’t even come CLOSE to the vision in my head.  I’ve intentionally left it rough and battered, so that the paint will be able to catch in all the grooves and nicks.  I have no idea what it will look like colored up with paint, so I’m going to fire it and give it chance. Wall Head_A

I will add the little creatures tomorrow, I am done for the day……….

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7 Responses to A big Committment

  1. Kelly says:

    Very cool, Cher! I went last year and really enjoyed the event. Shall plan to go again this year and – hopefully – see you and Andy there.


  2. The Favorite One says:

    Glad to hear you think your work is worth selling. I have known it for a long time.

  3. Moe says:

    Think it’s wonderful that you’re taking that step forward. Like your head and look forward to seeing it finished. (If I was closer I’d take your class.)

  4. Susanne Bourgh says:

    Good luck to both of you Cher and Andrea!!! YAAAA!!! Susanne

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