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Skulls, Clay, and Color

A while back, I traded Clay Time in the Studio for 300 small plastic colored skulls  Why?  Just look – how cool is this??  A whole entire drawer of gorgeous colored skulls!!!!   I have no idea what I’ll do … Continue reading

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Watercolor Christmas Cards

I’ve had a couple great days in the studio with my sister, Lorna.  She wants to do watercolor Christmas Cards once or twice a month, so that they’re all done BEFORE Christmas – what a concept!! She is picking up … Continue reading

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Doll Moulds cont’d and Talking Sticks

Still playing around with the doll moulds.  What would you use this for?  A creepy egg cup?  Shooter glass?  Herb pot? Another head that will probably become a Talking Stick – the face is still too clean looking; I need … Continue reading

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Doll Moulds – What a Score!!

I was lucky enough to acquire a whole swack of Doll Moulds for FREE!!!  A couple bought a house and the owner just left them.  To dispose of them at a dump would have cost a fortune, as they are … Continue reading

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Clay Color Samples

I’ve been playing around in the studio with clay the last few days. One thing that I haven’t figured out how to use yet are the glossy pottery glazes. From what I’ve read, if you apply it incorrectly, or in … Continue reading

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A big Committment

Yikes – I’ve applied to be an Artist at a one-day Rotary Event  – Colwood Rotary Art & Wine Festival.  It’s on Sunday, July 27th, and it’s an outdoor event.  Artists are given a 10 ft x 10 ft space, … Continue reading

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A Bad Day In The Studio….

is still better than NOT being in the studio at all….. I started a clay piece, intending to make some fish that would be open on the bottom so that they could be mounted on ReBar and “swim” through a … Continue reading

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