Art Every Day (12)

Well, did you notice that it doesn’t say “almost” in the title anymore?  We actually did it – Art Every Day!!!! 

Admittedly, one day we’d been on motorcycles all day, and I was just WHIPPED, and knew I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything, so I pulled out a pencil and a piece of paper, and drew (OK, scribbled) a truly pathetic Hawaiian Doughnut.  I didn’t even save it, it was crumpled up and thrown away, but I put pencil to paper; I was so determined to actually make it through the whole time we were there.

I could NOT have done this without Jen’s enthusiasm.  There were days when I would have just read on the beach, but she’d pull out her art stuff, and I simply got on with it as well.  Naturally, once I started drawing I was totally into it.

She is absolutely fearless.  We were chatting with an amazing artist in a gallery in Kona, and were thinking about taking some private lessons with him.  When we left I said “Yikes, he’s sooooooo good, I’m way too intimidated to actually take a two-on-one class with him”.  Jen just looks at me like I’m nuts, and says “Why?  What’s the big deal?”  Oh.  OK, then!  What was I thinking?

We never got around to it, but maybe next time we’re there……….

This has been the most creative and artistically productive I have ever been, ever ever ever.  Thank you Jen!!!

Here are our last entries in the Arting-With-Jen series (calling anything a series makes it sound waaaaaaaaay more meaningful, eh?)

Jen’s – I’m not sure if she did this from a photo (I think so), but she used mostly Watercolor Pencils, which are more difficult to paint with than actual wc paint.

j jan 30

Mine, a basket of fruit, done from a photographc jan 30a c jan 30b

I learned so much this past month, but the main thing I learned is just pick up your pencil and get started!

Thanks again to everyone who sends comments;  It’s heartening to know someone’s actually out there reading this and looking at our stuff……………

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2 Responses to Art Every Day (12)

  1. The favorite one says:

    A job (passion) well done, you did it. I really enjoyed seeing what the two of you did each day and was truly impressed.

  2. Gwen says:

    I love what you two did, you are both so talented!

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