Art (Almost) Every Day (11)

Jan 29

Oh man, Jen and I laughed so much and so hard today while arting….

She’s been hounding me to do water, and surf (and clouds), and they are REALLY REALLY, I mean REALLY difficult.  But, Jen wanted to, so we did it.  We found a couple tutorials on YouTube and tried to follow along with them.  Apparently, all you could hear, as we attempted these pieces, was “No wait, I’m not ready!!  gahhhhhhh, how the…what???  Oh no, I got water on, arrgghhh, where’s the mister, where’s the mister????  Pause it!!!!  nooooooooooo, oh no, too dark, oh, too late……………”

We both actually learned a LOT.  Did either of us create a piece that’s a keeper??  yeah, no, not so much………….here ya go, for your viewing pleasure, and I use the term “pleasure” sarcastically…….

First tutorial was by Jason Skills (  Jeesh, what a crazy-talented guy.  He just slopped his paint on, and in about 12 minutes he had a masterpiece.  “How difficult can it be?” sez us………….

Jen, who is much more patient, and actually follows the instructions (Instructions?  We don’ need no Steenking Instructions), did a pretty good job of creating waves:

j jan 29a

Not QUITE as good as the guy in the tutorial, but hey, not bad.  I suggested if she turn her painting upside down, she could use it as a painting of Clouds.  This was deviously clever of me, eh?  That way I wouldn’t have to do a tutorial on clouds!

j jan 29b

So MY version of the tutorial was just tragic.  I just painted over it and tried an assortment of things as practice.  In the meantime, Jen’s digging the idea of using her painting as a cloud painting.  But what to put on the horizon?  So I showed her this technique to throw in some trees using wet-in-wet.  Here’s my sample:

c jan 29c

I liked it so much, that I did it again as a little postcard:

c jan 29d c jan 29e

Jen added the bush/tree shapes to her Cloud Painting Horizon Line, and used the foreground (which was originally the sky) as a snowy field – clever!

j jan 29c

The next one was two parts, by a guy who calls himself SuperBeeza (  First you paint the rocks, then you paint the surf splashing against the rocks.  “Ha, piece ‘a cake” sez us…………..

Jen’s.  Good rocks, great spray, awesome skyline…

j jan 29d

Mine didn’t turn out quite so well, something went horribly awry.  Sooooo, what does one do when that happens?  Pfutz about.  The ocean became a lake.  The perspective became very very strange (Jen said it would be absolutely fine if you were lying flat on your tummy behind the rock, on the beach…).  I actually like how the rocks turned out, but I used a staining color, so couldn’t lift any color at all to make the spray (Didj’a ever consider, even for a minute, testing your colors before you tried this, cher?  Huh?  Didja???)

c jan 29f c jan 29g

Only one more day of arting with Jen……….Oh my god, my tummy hurts from laughing……………

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