Art (Almost) Every Day (9)

Jan 23, 24 25, 2014

Sooooooooooo, Jen’s art project was to use some palm tree trunk-husk in our journal.  We found a huge piece of it, and parts of it are thick and stiff, and parts of it are thin and pliable, almost like burlap.

Mine – I am really pleased with the time I took to add the meticulous details on the fronds

c jan 26a c jan 26b c jan 26c

Jen’s – isn’t that brilliant to use the husk for the Palapa Umbrella?

j jan 26a j jan 26b

We used the Bag ‘o Prompts one day on the beach and had to draw “glasses or sunglasses”


c jan 24


j jan 24b

A few random things by Jen

j jan 24a j jan 24c j jan 25

And lastly, I’ve started a full-size painting that I’m duplicating from an ad in one of our fliers.  The sky, mountain, and hill have turned out SO well, and now I’m all tense about screwing it up.  This is where you must learn to not be “precious” about any part of your painting……gahhhhhhhh

c jan 25a c jan 25b

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