Art (Almost) Every Day (7)

Jan 21-22

Jen and both drew this particular object – can you tell what it is?  I doubt it:

Minec jan 21b

Jen’s j jan 21c

It looked SO simple.  Basic shape, a bit of shading, a bit of orange, and it SHOULD have looked like this piece of coral….. c jan 21a

More out-of-my-head people.  Jeesh, it’s a difficult subject.  But hey, you can’t improve if you don’t at least try

c jan 21c

A goofy bird

c jan 22a c jan 22b

Jen’s beach scene

j jan 21aWe both did a color study of leaves, here’s Mine, and I am SO pleased with how this turned out

c jan 22c

Jen’s – she totally nailed it

j jan 21b

We’re on motorcycles tomorrow, around the island, yikes………

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2 Responses to Art (Almost) Every Day (7)

  1. The favorite one says:

    I was thinking a piece of shell. Enjoy the bike ride.

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