Art (Almost) Every Day (5)

Jan 16-17-18

So, Oh My God, Chris Carter commented on my blog!!!!  CHRIS CARTER!!  She’s the one I linked to for the Color Scheme Game.  A Real Artist!!  Yowza!

When I got the comments, I went Totally-Valley-Girl – “like, omg, Chris Carter, like, totally contacted ME!!!”

Oh god, I am SUCH a dork.  Hey, maybe Chris Carter is all, like, “OMG, Cher McKittrick, like, totally linked to my page…”  ha ha ha, yeah, as if……..

So yeah, I responded to her comment, and she responded back, and so now I’m totally just hangin’ with my homey Chris Carter!!!!!

But seriously, I have 31 “followers”, and one of them is my own email address so that I can see how the page displays, and one of them is my husband who does not even read the posts, I just made him sign up, but CHRIS CARTER somehow saw my posts!  This is Waaaayyyy Cooooool!

Anywaaaaaaaaaaay, here’s what Jen and I have been up to:

Some random, really quick sketches of faces, and a lady on the beach, by me:

c jan 16a c jan 16b c jan 18a

A plumeria bloom – Mine

c jan 18b

Jen’s plumeria

j jan 18a

Jen also did a Hibiscus

j jan 19a

Isn’t the depth on this one amazing?  This girl has Mad Skills! j jan 19b

I’d brought some nail polish with me, and Jen and I both put it on, and it was a very hideous orange.  I bought a cheap set of six other nail polish colors to cover the orange with, and three colors were nice, and three colors were not-so-nice.

c jan 17a c jan 17b

I put the very pretty red on my toes.  For some bizarre reason, Jen put the very hideous blue on her fingers.  It looked a zombie’s hand, soooo icky!  So naturally, we had to put it in our journals.

j jan 18b

I love reading all your comments, keep ’em coming!……..

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5 Responses to Art (Almost) Every Day (5)

  1. Marcia says:

    Okay, I have to chime in on the nail polish/hand art; You crack me up! Love the details on the digits. You are clearly having some kind of fun. I hope you come up with some really strange and wacky Birthday Project. See You when you get back to the little Island.
    Miss M

  2. Moe says:

    I Think that’s wonderful…the personal contact by a fellow artist…the nail polish too. For someone who once claimed not to be able to draw people, I think you’re doing great. Am enjoying following. Keep it up.

  3. Lorna Robertson says:

    That is so awesome. Is Chris willing to share her techniques with you?


  4. Susanne Bourgh says:

    Hey Valley Girl .. you rock !!! Chris Carter .. go for it Cher!!! Susanne

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