Art (Almost) Every Day (3)

Jan 11-12-13

In a desperate attempt to “Art Every Day”, I scribbled this goofy Hawai’in War God.  gah…..  but, whatever, I drew…….

c jan 11

One of my favorite artists, Chris Carter, is SO good with color.  She created the “Color Game”, to challenge herself and ensure that she used colors that weren’t her favorites, or her always-go-to choices.  It uses a 12-sided dice –  throw it once for your color scheme (i.e. triads, complements, etc.), throw it a second time for your dominant color.  So of course, I say we’re going to do this exercise, and Jen agrees.  We decide we’re going to draw tomatoes, our dominant color is blue, and we had to do a triad.  Mine:

c jan 12 a

j jan 12
Neither of us particularly liked our finished product, but we DID, in fact, have to give way more consideration to value rather than just relying on color to show the shape, form and shadow of the tomato.

I did this awesome bamboo/leaf combo again.  Another postcard, it’s just so dang easy.

c jan 13 c c jan 13 d

There’s a tree here called the Autograph Tree, and it drops these gorgeous pods.  We both drew it, added a small amount of watercolor, and then added ink for detail.  Both pieces turned out wonderfully.  Mine:

c jan 13


j jan 13

Sooooooo, we’re still arting every day, and I am LOVING it!

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2 Responses to Art (Almost) Every Day (3)

  1. Kelly says:

    Both you and Jen have so much talent, Cher. Love the flora works.


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