Art (Almost) Every Day (2)

For Jan 9th and 10th

I find that drawing from my head is the most difficult thing.  It’s easiest (for me, anyway) to draw from another drawing or painting, next easiest is from a photo, then from real life, then from my head.  We’re attempting to do an assortment of all the above over the next few days.

This shell, drawn by Jen, was from a photo, and was really challenging, in that it was mostly white.

j jan 10

In case we ran out of things to draw, I brought “prompts” with us, and this particular one was “Draw a view into a room, through a door way”.  The challenge in the prompt was getting the perspective right.

Here’s mine, out of my head
c jan 9 j

Here’s Jen’s.  She did the room, a gate, and a rock wall with a doorway.
j jan 9b

j jan 9 d

We also did quick sketches of Ken.  They are both really really bad and look nothing like him, honestly, he’s a good looking guy.  This one’s mine, and Jen’s is in the right-hand corner, above

c jan 9 f

The next prompt was “Draw a piece of clothing” so we both did very quick gestural drawings, mine of people on the beach, Jen’s from her head and people on the beach

Mine – I hate these SO much, they are truly pathetic
c jan 9 h

c jan 9 g

j jan 9 c

There’s a painting in our room of these beautiful palms leaves and bamboo, and we’ve both done them 3 times, for postcards and in our Moleskines.  It is so interesting, to both of us, when we draw the same thing and they turn out so differently.  Both were done using watercolors on watercolor paper.


c jan 9 d

c jan 9 a
j jan 9

There was no prompt for me to draw this, I was just so disappointed in the pathetic figure drawings that I wanted to try something fairly realistic, so I drew Paul’s knife.

c jan 10

c jan 10 b

It amazes me how varied my drawing skills are.  I love this drawing of the knife, and I love love love the palm leaves and bamboo.  Then there are those astoundingly pathetic figures…..gahhhhhhh

It’s SO wonderful to be drawing with Jen.  Even on days when I’m feeling lazy or unmotivated, she gets her art stuff out and there’s NO WAY I’m letting her draw without me, so I’m right into it as well……….

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2 Responses to Art (Almost) Every Day (2)

  1. Lauren says:

    You are too hard on yourself.. but you make me laugh 🙂

  2. Moe says:

    What a wonderful way to share your love of art…with a good friend on the beach. Love looking at your pics. Keep them coming…and enjoy.

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