Art (Almost) Every Day (1)

Anyone who journals, or draws, or paints, or arts in any way has seen the amazing postings by people who’ve made the commitment to make art every day (AED) for a month, or a year, or whatever, and I’m always SO impressed by their commitment and stick-to-it-ness.  I’ve tried, on occasion, to do “stuff” every day, and rarely get beyond day 3 – tragic but true…..

SO!  I’m spending 3 weeks with Jen, my sister-in-law, and boy does that girl draw.  I’m mean always.  Every day.  No excuses.  She’d actually rather draw than lay on the couch reading trashy fiction, eating popcorn, and drinking wine!!!  I’m like  Whhaaaattttt???  That’s crazy talk!

Naturally, I want to be just like her when I grow up (this is only possible because she’s older than me, ha!). We have actually been drawing every day for the last 10 days, and I’m going to start posting some of the things we’ve drawn and painted.  This is for the 7th and 8th.

When we landed and got our rental car, it soon became evident that we had waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff to fit into the car.  Jen and I were in the back with 3 boogie boards and four beach chairs on our laps, which we could barely see over.  The first image is my exaggerated version, and the second is Jen’s more realistic version.

c jan 6

j jan 6

Next project was a can of Ginger Ale.  Jen also included a mini-bottle of Crown Royal.  I was given 4 free minis on the plane because Paul very generously gave up his seat to sit between two large grouchy people so that an 8-year-old boy could sit with his dad.  What a good guy!

c jan 8 b

j jan 8

While in Africa, Jen and Ken encountered a lot of these wild dogs, and coincidentally, found a wine they liked with wild dogs on the label – fortuitous!

j jan 7 b

j jan 7a

More good stuff to come!

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2 Responses to Art (Almost) Every Day (1)

  1. Lauren says:

    I love that you can draw Crown Royal much better than a can of Ginger Ale… My Hero 🙂

  2. The favorite one says:


    PS See if you can fine a small piece of wood???

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