A Painting Course With One of My Art Crushes!!

I was SO lucky to take a 5-day course with Robert Burridge (http://www.robertburridge.com/).  I absolutely love his style, and his color palette just rocks.  He and his wife were at the course – she runs him like a well oiled business and they have tons of swag you can buy, almost like at a Rock Concert, ha!

I’m posting every finished piece I created on the course, even the ugly stuff!  There were also a bunch of pieces that were begun, but not completed, or done simply to loosen up, or done and then trashed.  We did a LOT of painting!

The first day we were to do some studies in gray, or black and white.  This made me go YUCK in my head, not at all anything I wanted to do, but hey, I’m in a course, and I’m going to do everything that is asked of me.  Sooooooo, Robert did a quick demo, and then we had to do an abstract tryptych (3 pieces), in black and white; we could also add other paper media to the piece.

Tryptych3 Tryptych1 Tryptych2

I just LOVED these! As usual, doing things outside my comfort zone or “like/want” zone is good for me – who knew??  When we did them, I actually DID follow his instructions and only use black and white, but the next day I was killing some time, and I added the golden yellow hue.

The next exercise was paint loose, for ONE MINUTE ONLY, trying to give the impression of a word that Robert said. This word was BALANCE


and this one was KISS.


Excellent exercise. I was finished in under a minute (not that I’m competitive or anything).  Didn’t really matter what the image ended up looking like, the point was to let go.  That’s a pretty creepy kiss, just sayin’…….

In between exercises, Robert would do demos, or simply talk.  He’s a very funny guy, and extraordinarly generous with his knowledge.

These next two pieces were mistakes.  The first one is called Revolution, and I really like it.  I don’t even remember how the painting started out, but it just got uglier and uglier and uglier, and so I took it to the sink and scrubbed the heck out of it.  The scrubbing resulted in this eerie ghostly image of everthing that had come before.


I don’t have much recollection of doing this landscape.  I actually can’t even remember if we were supposed to be doing landscapes, or this just morphed out from some other experiment.  It’s one of the “not so successful” pieces, but if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough, right?


Robert does a painting style that he calls “Drippy Trees” (yeah, that’s a professional art term, OK?), and of course his are brilliant.  Mine?  Not so much, ha!  I call this Muddy Swamp!  Drippy Tree Technique

His technique is to paint your background and let it dry.  Slop on some juicy paint on the top part of the painting, then hold the painting so that the trunks are created by the drips.  Pretty cool, when it works.

We spent quite a bit of time on figures.  Some were created with Negative Painting (where you paint what ISN’T the figure), and others were just painted normally, but they all had the emphasis on Dark-Against-Light / Light-Against-Dark.

Opposites Attract Alien Mother Haunted Ta Daa Musical Map

And lastly, he does this amusing thing at the end of the day where he peels all his left over paint from the plastic covering his table, sticks it onto a canvas, and then paints around it to give it a shape.  The shape is usually a heart or a chicken.  Here’s mine.

Chicken Dance

Chicken Dance_CloseUp


It’s just a fun way to get a wild assortment of colors on a piece. You could NEVER get the colors and patterns on this chicken by simply painting it.

Man, this a way longer post than normal. I enjoyed this course with Robert Burridge so much, and would highly recommend him as an instructor, he’s good at what he does and a ton ‘o fun.

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10 Responses to A Painting Course With One of My Art Crushes!!

  1. Lorna says:

    I love seeing the end results of your pieces, as well, the joy in your writing about other artists.
    It is so cool to create something with the left over paint, how brilliant!

  2. Maureen says:

    Really great work…Sounds like an amazing few days. Plan to go back and look at again to draw some of my own inspiration. Did anyone else notice that the chicken has man legs?…Cool.
    PS Don’t ever try to kiss me.

  3. Lou says:

    You are just so colourful …….when are we painting?

  4. Chris Leischner says:

    Wow these are really professional and what an opportunity to learn from a Master. Your commitment to art is inspiring Cher and I am not just a little bit jealous of the attention you give to your passion

  5. Jen says:

    I still favour the lady in the long dress.

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