What is your Artistic Style?

I saw an interesting article in ClothPaperScissors.  A woman wrote about finding her “artistic style”, and for the article, she chose ONE thing as her main subject (in her case, a giraffe).

She painted/drew/created it in the style of 8 different artists with a clearly identifiable style. She just did them as a 2-page spread in her journal, they weren’t big pieces.

I decided to try it. My subject is a Bird – no particularly species, just a bird-like shape.  I found this gorgeous photo on the ‘net.  (Photo Credit: 


Here are my renditions.
Artist: Banksy (Graffiti style)

Artist: Picasso (Cubist style)

Artist: Warhol (Modern Art style)

This was a challenging exercise, as I don’t really like any of the above styles, but it definitely made me create and think differently, and that’s ALWAYS a good thing!

I am actually feeling like I know the style I’m moving toward, and it’s acrylic, multimedia, multiple images, a lot of overpainting, and hidden and visible text, along the lines of this.

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2 Responses to What is your Artistic Style?

  1. great exercise! it is good to try different techniques and styles, pushing the comfort zone.

  2. Susanne Bourgh says:

    cool!!! brings some sunshine to this rainy cloudy day !!! Suz

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