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What is your Artistic Style?

I saw an interesting article in ClothPaperScissors.  A woman wrote about finding her “artistic style”, and for the article, she chose ONE thing as her main subject (in her case, a giraffe). She painted/drew/created it in the style of 8 different … Continue reading

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New Acrylic Painting – Figure On Map Using Mylar

I have 4 acrylic paintings on the go right now, and three of them will have a silhouette of a human figure on them.  I’m hoping that doing 4 paintings simultaneously will help me be able to set a painting … Continue reading

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Pretty Dirty Rags

So, I was cleaning up from a day in the studio, after working on some acrylic paintings, and I had used a lot of paper towel that day. I starting throwing them out, but then I starting un-scrunching them, and … Continue reading

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Bird with Flowers

I’ve started a new Acrylic Painting. The color palette is completely different for me, as is the content. I generally don’t like “pretty” pictures. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with pretty art, I’m just not drawn to creating it. … Continue reading

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Gah, I am SO frustrated!! I did a second tiger, and I’ve easily spent 4-6 hours on this piece. I’m about 95% done, and it’s simply an OK-for-an-amature piece. grrrrrrrrrrr…. I think I might be DONE with Tigers in Watercolor. … Continue reading

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More Moleskine Pages

Well, I was camping again (yeah, we LOVE it!), and I managed to get some sketching/painting done. I added color to the bunny: Initial Sketch: With Color: I also did a little landscape (the Moleskine pages are 5.5″ x 8″). … Continue reading

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