Watercolor Tiger Part 2

Boy, I’ve learned a lot with this painting. This piece will be for PRACTICE only, it’s so beat up at this point!

The Mr Clean Magic Eraser DOES work, I’m pretty impressed. I used a Staining color, so I really have to scrub to get back to white, but it’s possible. However, the paper is very damaged in the areas that I’ve scrubbed, which means they’ll take the paint differently than non-damaged areas. I’m using good quality 300 pound cold press. I’d only use this process again in smaller areas, with a non-staining color.

First, I created a template for a stripe that I wanted to bring back to white:


It actually worked quite well, but then I lost patience (Surprise!) and just started scrubbing in a free-form way.

Here’s the Eye area BEFORE I used the MagicEraser:


And here’s the same area AFTER MagicEraser:


Once I realized how roughed up the paper had become, I just started playing around with the background, and with dark stripes.  Note that there is still tons of frisket on the paper, particularly anywhere where there are whiskers.

I slapped juicy green, blue, and red onto wet paper and let it run – I am LOVING the background, down at the bottom.


I laid down black stripes (not black out of a tube, but my own red-blue-green mixture), and did a controlled mist onto the black stripe area. Not bad, but it’s really difficult to control the paint.


On the next attempt at this piece, I am going to be much more meticulous about how I draw it, and will have every single detail drawn with a watercolor pencil (so that when I paint an area, the watercolor pencil will melt into the paint), and I’m also going to mark the color that goes in each area, i.e. w, o, or b for white, orange, or black.

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult piece I’ve attempted so far……..

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1 Response to Watercolor Tiger Part 2

  1. Jen says:

    I love the bottom as well. Are you going to paint the green fronds? I like the eyeball area before you cleaned it up. Good idea on the watercolour pencil, even if it isn’t an exact match. But I would probably still do pencil because I can erase, being the chicken I am.

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