Drawing Faces…..sooooooo difficult!

  So, for those of you who know me, you KNOW that when you say “I can’t draw” or “I can’t paint” or “I can’t ….whatever..” I get on your case about it. You aren’t born knowing how to draw anymore than you’re born knowing how to take a car engine apart and put it back together. But you can LEARN how to do pretty much anything. So, I’ve been walking around saying to myself “I can’t draw faces”. Well, guess what? This is probably because I don’t TRY to draw faces. Seriously, the human face is, to me, the MOST difficult thing to draw. SO! I have decide to actually put pencil to paper and give it a go. I will naturally commit to doing this EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, or at least twice…….. Here’s the first attempt. I found a photo of Pablo Picasso, and drew him.
Pablo Picasso  Picassos Face(7)

It’s not the best rendition of a face, but for a first go, I’m pretty happy with it.

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2 Responses to Drawing Faces…..sooooooo difficult!

  1. Jen says:

    See what happens when you take some of your own advise? Great rendition.

  2. Robyn says:

    Great drawing! What’s that saying….instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t, give yourself reasons why you can…or something like that!?!?!? This is a great example and reminder that we are the only ones who limit ourselves…thanks for the inspiration :)!!

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