Model For A Day

I was asked if I’d volunteer to sit and pose for a local Sketch Group, and since I strongly believe that artists should support other artists, I immediately agreed.

I sat for 1 hour, had a break, and sat for a second hour.  The artists were so “in the zone” as they worked, and I was surprised at how quickly the time went by.

At the end of the session, the artists put all their pieces up for viewing and I was allowed to take one home.  They were ALL fabulous, but I was having trouble deciding between two, and the incredibly generous artists let me take them both!

If you ever get an opportunity to do this, jump at it, the artists are SO appreciative!  Contact Vicki Postl ( ) if you wish to volunteer as a model).



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1 Response to Model For A Day

  1. Jen says:

    The one with the purple background nailed it.

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